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recap :]
I've been pretty bad when it comes to updating my journal with stuff that actually matters XD
I have pictures that I should've posted in here over 2 months ago.. ooops :P

First of all, I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year :D mine was pretty good, but this was the first Christmas + New Year without my aunty, so it was a bit emotional.. Tears aside, I was surrounded by all my family members and had an enjoyable time :D even if I was suffering with a chest infection -_-

Pictures + stories to come, lots of pictures :L

I guess I should start with wrestling pics.. I went to see it in Cardiff, Wales 5th November + I was meaning to put the pictures up, but clearly got sidetracked :L

I didn't realise how camp wrestlers can be XD everything was just so glittery and sparkly :D I went with my brother and it was his first time watching it, but my second :] we made signs and we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves :D i was annoyed with the photo's though, coz I had to take my parents crappy camera, as mine had been taken into a shop to get fixed that day :\

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I actually have more stuff to post, but that can wait till tomorrow.. its midnight, i'm tired + i have to be up at 6:30am for school -_-'

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I know its 4 hours till its midnight, but I'll be too intoxicated to do it tonight and too hungover to do it tomorrow XD
So, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you amazing people!!
This year has had its ups and downs, but in all, its been a pretty fucking amazing year!
Hopefully, 2011 will be just as awesome, or even better!

Once again, hope you all have a great night with whatever it is you do + hopefully, I'll update with some interesting photo's within the next few days :]
iloveyou:] ♥

Merry Christmaaaaas!!! :D
I don't have a cool christmassy picture or icon, but I'd like to wish all of you amazing people an amazing Christmas and a Happy New Year :D! Whilst typing this, my family are watching Toy Story 3 + I'm gonna go down + join them and stuff my face with nibbles :D hope you're all having an amazing day and continue to into the night ^_^

ILOVEYOU!!!!! <3333

I should really be packing, but..
I stole a music meme from *insert name here* and I thought it looked cool :]
I'm pretty sure I've done it before, but I don't care :]

Step 1: Set your primary playlist to random and shuffle it.
Step 2: Post the first line (or first couple of lines) from the first 25 songs that play (or however many you want to), no matter how embarrassing the song.
Step 3: Anyone is allowed to guess the answers.
Step 4: Strike through and add the artist and title below the lyric when someone gets one right.
Step 5: Looking them up on the interwebs is cheating, and every time you cheat a kitten dies. So don't do it.

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*dances around bedroom*
I'm going skiing at 2o'clock tomorrow morning + I'm so excited ^_^ its 6pm here right now, NOTHING is packed and I'm sat on lj... bad influences ftw ;D hehehe!!
We have a 5 hour drive from my school to the airport, a 2 hour wait there, 1 and a half hour flight, then an unknown drive to the hotel XD if I'm tired right now, I'm gonna be screwed XD Thank god I can sleep on the coach :P I'll be taking LOADS of photo's coz I have my own camera now :D I can't wait :D :D :D
But I hate that wrestling didn't record last night, so now I can't watch it till I get back D: I'll have 4 hours of SmackDown, 3 hours of RAW + a 3 hour PPV to catch up on... funtimes O_O
Now, off to pack, sing to some music + drink lots of energy drinks :D

Hi! I'm Jade and I'm a Salvatoraholic...
I recently started watching The Vampire Diaries [and when I say recently, I mean REALLY recently.. as in Monday XD] and as soon as I started watching the first episode I knew I was gonna be addicted.. Ian Somerhalder is the sexiest man I've ever set eyes on :]! Edward Cullen has nothing on Damon Salvatore ;D justsayin.. I watched a whole series in less than 5 days... with school fitted in there as well! Lets just say, I was a very tired girl this week + Monster energy drink was my best friend this week XD ALSO, I LOOOOVE haroellis for downloading the episodes for me :'D ♥
I'm now on season 2, and I'm nearly done with all the catching up :D but then I have to wait till 2nd Decmeber coz Nina Dobrev got injured O_O bish ¬ ¬

Now to put a downer on the update [which will be under the cut so I don't depress you all] and I need to update this fucking photo meme... -_-

sadness + lots of photo's...Collapse )

why do i
always forget to do daily memes XD

i think i need to update like 4 photo's now :L oops..

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wow, update from my phone :P
As you know, I'm going to see RAW tonight and I had a HUGE panic on earlier when my tickets hadn't arrived. It said on the website that they were dispatched on tuesday and I spent at least 4 hours today [and a few hours yesterday] trying to get hold of the ticket line to get some advise on what to do.
My dad phoned me from his work + said that he found this number and that he was on hold [which is MUCH furhter than what we'd gotten previously, we just kept getting the busy tone -.-'] so I rang this number that my dad gave me and after 20 minutes of being on hold, some nice guy called Matt answered + talked me through everything.. He apologized for all the inconvenience, invalidated my old tickets + told me that my new tickets will be waiting for me in the box office ^^ I was so thankful + so grateful for this man XD I wanted to hug him :L
So after thinking that I wasn't actually going to see the show tonight, I'm SOOO excited to be going again :'D I'm going to finish up making my signs now, get my brother + myself onto the train down to Cardiff + fangirl my arse off ^^ pictures and an update will follow when I get time to myself :D hope everyone has an awesome weekend ^^ ♥♥

meme times :D
I haven't done a meme in a while :P this is stolen off a few people on here, so thanks :D XD

I should be getting for a meal for my friends 18th, but I just had to do this ^_^

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I'm going...
to see RAW this friday with my brother and we wanted to take signs.. only thing is, i have no idea what to put on them -.-'
i think one of us is going to have 'we're nexus' on it [or something to do with nexus] and i can't come up with any cool ideas D: plus i want one with somethin to do with Randy Orton on it ;D
if anyone has any suggestions, please comment :D

Writer's Block: MAKE IT STOP!
What was the last song you couldn't get out of your head no matter how hard you tried?

Baby - Justin Bieber

JUST FUCK OFF! Seriously -.-'


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